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Elevated Brand Exposure Through Car Park Flyer Distribution

From Innovative Design to Rain-Resistant Flyers: Elevating Car Park Advertising

Solution for Car-park

Car park flyer distribution is suitable for the automotive industry like spare parts, cars washing, and rental transport.

Dropping your mailers and advertisements on cars, motorcycles and vans is one of the effective ways to promote your business. We have creative and innovative advertisement ideas for your campaign.

Let us help you spread your message far and wide – trust us to distribute your flyers accurately throughout all car park spots in Singapore.

Case Study 1 – Carousell

Carousell Car Park Flyer Distribution

Carousell, a leading online marketplace, embarked on a flyer distribution campaign in car parks to enhance brand visibility and connect with a diverse audience. The campaign targeted shoppers, professionals, and individuals frequenting car parks for various reasons, capitalizing on the versatile appeal of Carousell’s platform. By strategically placing 10,000 flyer hangers in high-traffic locations such as Expo car park, HDB lunch crowd car parks, and prominent streets like Amoy, Club, and Carpenter Streets, Carousell sought to engage potential customers during their daily routines. This initiative aimed to raise brand awareness, attract new users, and offer convenience, effectively transforming car parks into profitable advertising spaces.

Measuring Campaign Success:

  • Innovative Flyer Shape Hanger: The flyer’s unique hanger shape was not only eye-catching but also incredibly practical. Designed for easy placement in car doors, it ensured that potential customers could effortlessly access the flyer while adding a touch of innovation to the campaign.
  • QR Code Integration: To enhance engagement and track the effectiveness of the flyers, we incorporated QR codes. These codes allowed easy scanning and tracking of user interactions, providing valuable data on engagement, views, and campaign effectiveness. This innovative approach added an interactive element to the flyers, further captivating the audience.
  • Waterproof and Durable Material: We ensured that the flyers were printed on waterproof or laminated paper, adding durability to the campaign. Even when exposed to outdoor elements, such as rain in the car park, the flyers remained intact and the hangers securely in place. This attention to detail ensured that the flyers continued to deliver their message effectively, regardless of environmental conditions.
Car-park Flyer Distribution

The Result

The outcome of Carousell’s car park flyer distribution campaign was striking. It significantly elevated the brand’s visibility and awareness among car park visitors, engaging them with Carousell’s offerings. This effort also expanded their user base, drawing in new platform users and garnering positive feedback for its convenient discovery approach. Measurable success was evident through tracked engagement metrics, including a surge in app downloads and listings. Our innovative strategy showcased the potential of seizing unconventional advertising spaces, effectively transforming parking areas into profitable advertising opportunities.


Case Study 2 – MUNICH AUTO


In partnership with PERFORMANCE MUNICH AUTO, our project focused on establishing a premium BMW car workshop designed to attract, engage, and upsell to a discerning audience. The primary objective was to enhance brand visibility and capture the attention of BMW car owners while navigating the challenge of not being perceived as competitors with Performance Motor, who primarily oversees mid-range and lower-tier BMW models. The campaign’s success hinged on our ability to effectively identify and target our desired audience, primarily through car park hanger flyer distribution tailored to BMW car owners.

The Result

The campaign delivered remarkable outcomes, driven by a strategic approach to attract our target audience. We employed car park hanger flyer distribution specifically designed to capture the attention of BMW car owners, inviting them to join “PERFORMANCE MUNICH AUTO” premium BMW workshop. This highly targeted tactic ensured that our messaging reached the right individuals at the right time. The campaign’s success was not only evident in the increased customer response and engagement but also in the growing interest among BMW car owners in “PERFORMANCE MUNICH AUTO” workshop services and high-end BMW vehicles. This accomplishment reinforced our ability to effectively identify and engage our audience while maintaining a cooperative partnership with “PERFORMANCE MUNICH AUTO”.