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Transforming HDB Flyer Distribution: A Success Story

Unlocking the Power of Targeted Distribution in Singapore’s Heartland

Solution for HBD

Looking to reach out to HDB flat residents with your flyers? Look no further than HDB Flyer Distribution SG – the ultimate solution for businesses of all types. With over 80% of Singaporeans living in HDB flats, you can’t afford to miss out on this highly effective marketing tactic.

Our Regular and Repeating Clients :

  • Aircon contractor
  • Event Promoter
  • Offering Renovation
  • Plumbing
  • Locksmith Services
  • F & B
  • Coffee Shop

No matter the industry, our distribution services will be tailored to your needs.

Don’t let your message get lost in the noise – choose HDB Flyer Distribution SG and get noticed today!

Case Study 1 – Little Footprints Preschool

HDB Door To Door Flyer Distribution Success Story To Engage Young Parent

At Little Footprints Preschool, we don’t just offer services; we create marketing magic.

Check out what we achieved for our client, Little Footprints Preschool:

  • Design Brilliance: We took their flyers to the next level by providing expert design reviews. Our creative touch ensured that every flyer was eye-catching, represented their goals, and unforgettable.
  • Strategic Insights: We didn’t stop at design, we also helped pinpoint the perfect locations to target their audience. Our in-depth discussions led to targeted advertising in areas where young families reside, guaranteeing maximum impact.
  • Pinpoint Precision: We didn’t just distribute flyers, we orchestrated a symphony of engagement. Our team meticulously distributed flyers in specific neighborhoods, ensuring they reached families with young children, the preschool’s prime demographic.
HDB Flyer Door to Door

The Result

Little Footprints Preschool experienced remarkable success through our distribution campaign. The results were crystal clear:

  • Young Parent Engagement: We helped them connect with young parents effectively, strengthening their position in the market.
  • Tangible Growth: The numbers spoke for themselves as enrollment numbers soared.

Now, it’s your turn to achieve success like Little Footprints Preschool did! Ready to make a marketing splash?

Contact us today! and let’s discuss how we can work together to elevate your business!

HDB Flyer Door to Door

Case Study 2 – 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

A Success Story of Targeted HDB Door-to-Door Flyer Distribution in Huge Volume

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, a popular fast-food chain specializing in delectable crispy chicken, sought to amplify its reach and engagement with its HDB (Housing and Development Board) neighbors. They engaged our services to enhance their flyer distribution campaign. Here’s how we helped them achieve remarkable results:

What We Did:

  1. Comprehensive Flyer Review: Our team meticulously assessed 4 Fingers’ existing flyer design, promotions, color scheme, and thematic elements. We identified areas for improvement to ensure the flyer would effectively capture the attention of its target audience.
  2. Strategic Location Planning: To maximize the impact of the distribution campaign, we collaborated closely with 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken to identify strategic locations for targeting their desired audience. Their objective was clear: reach HDB residents residing in the vicinity of their 16 stores/outlets. We meticulously planned distributions of 10,000 flyers for each area, covering 65 to 75 HDB blocks per location.
  3. High-Volume Distribution: In total, we successfully distributed 160,000 units of flyers through HDB door-to-door distributions. This involved precise logistics coordination to ensure that each targeted area received the intended quantity of flyers.

The Result

Our collaboration with 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken yielded outstanding results,The HDB door-to-door distribution of 160,000 flyers generated a substantial increase in foot traffic to their outlets. Many HDB residents took advantage of the enticing promotions offered by 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken.

This flyer distribution strategy not only elevated their brand’s visibility but also contributed to increased footfall and sales at their outlets. This case exemplifies the positive impact of well-planned and executed flyer distribution campaigns on business growth.