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High Visibility, Interactivity, and Cost-Effectiveness

We capture almost every single eyeball. It is pulling people to take your flyer easier. People are naturally drawn to colorful and eye-catching visuals, so using an eye-catching flyer distribution like EyeOnMe™ will help ensure that more people will see and take notice of your flyer campaign.

Twin Board™

Approach uses two-sided boards that are attached to a distributor’s front and back, can include more information about your products or services, and you can also use different designs and colors to create an eye-catching and memorable advertisement, making it an effective way to reach a large number of people in market and school area.

Heads Up™

Heads Up™ flyer distribution is an innovative way to catch people’s attention and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. This method involves placing a board over the distributor’s shoulder so that the advertisement will be above the head. It looks attractive and is easy for the crowd to see, making it an ideal solution for busy pedestrian areas, trade shows, or events. By placing your advertisement above the heads of the crowd, you can ensure that it will be seen by a large number of people, even from a distance.

4D Pillar Stand™

The height and size of a 4D pillar stand™ make it more visible, and can be placed in various locations, both indoors and outdoors, to reach a broader audience.

Watch My Back™

By placing the stand on the distributor’s back, Watch My Back™ ensures that the advertisement is highly visible to passersby. The unique and eye-catching nature of Watch My Back can help businesses increase their brand awareness.

Eye Catcher™

Since the high tin board is attached to the distributor’s back, it doesn’t take up valuable space or block the flow of foot traffic so it’s suitable to distribute in the crowded area. It’s important to get your message seen by as many people as possible. That’s why using a high tin board for flyer distribution can be a great strategy.

Light Flasher™

To make the most of your nighttime flyer distribution campaign, it’s essential to use high-quality lighting that will illuminate your flyers and make them stand out.

Mobile Trailer™

Introducing Mobile Trailer™ Flyer Distribution, the dynamic way to boost your marketing. Our Mobile Trailer™ takes your message on the road, ensuring maximum exposure as it moves through high-traffic areas. With its impressive size and eye-catching design, your promotional materials won’t be missed, leaving a strong impact. This versatile solution suits a range of marketing needs, and you can monitor its performance in real-time. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your campaign aligns with your goals and audience. Get ready to make a memorable statement, contact us today to learn how Mobile Trailer™ flyer distribution can drive your success.

Mobile Booth™

Mobile Booth™ Flyer Distribution is your dynamic approach to street-level marketing in Singapore. We transform traditional flyer distribution into an interactive experience by strategically placing engaging booths staffed with professional brand ambassadors in high-traffic locations or event. This isn’t just about distributing flyers; it’s about actively engaging your audience. Our custom-designed booths are eye-catching, and our team is passionate about effectively delivering your message. With Mobile Booth™, you gain boosted brand awareness, higher conversion rates, and real-time data insights into your campaign’s performance. Elevate your flyer distribution with Mobile Booth™ – where interaction makes all the difference. Contact us today to get started!