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PROMOTIONS: Flyer Printing + Distribution for only $499

Flyer Distribution Package Deals

Write Pad

One of our ace solutions to increase acceptance & retention to target students With the Write Pad strategy, you’re not just distributing flyers – you’re creating an experience that engages and inspires your audience. With its eye-catching design and interactive features, the Write Pad is a powerful way to engage students and make your message stick. The Write Pad features a writable surface, allowing students to write down notes or reminders, making it more likely they will hold onto and refer back to your flyer.

A great Package deal!


  • Design Adaptations
  • 2,000 writing pads
  • 20pp inside 80gsm + 1 cover printing 128gsm, 4Cx4C
  • Distributions to 10 schools x 2 hrs
  • Inclusive of logistics