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PROMOTIONS: Flyer Printing + Distribution for only $499

Flyer Distribution Package Deals


Tissue Packs are such a useful tool for getting your message out there! Just think, whatever you’re trying to promote—whether it be a brand, product, service or campaign—will get seen 5 to 8 times before the pack is disposed of. Now that’s what I call powerful promotion! And with each tissue paper taken out from the pack, your message will be even more reinforced in the minds of consumers. That’s why tissue advertising is such an incredible marketing tool!

Tissue Distributions to market / busy food centres

Design Adaptations

3 hrs x 2 distributors x 2 days

Inclusive of 3k tissue card pack printing
3 ply pulp tissue


Door hangers are an effective way of getting your message across. They stand out from other forms of advertisement because:

  1. Hung at eye level and can’t be ignored
  2. Stay put, unlike fliers that can easily be thrown away
  3. People feel like they are being personally addressed when they receive a door hanger
  4. Have a better response rate than flyers
  5. Cost-effective since you don’t have to stuff them into mailboxes.
    Try door hangers today to reach your target audience!

Popular Hanger Package

Design Adaptations

10k door Hanger printing + HDB door to door / Cardrop Distribution
10k printing and distributions

Write Pad

One of our ace solutions to increase acceptance & retention to target students With the Write Pad strategy, you’re not just distributing flyers – you’re creating an experience that engages and inspires your audience. With its eye-catching design and interactive features, the Write Pad is a powerful way to engage students and make your message stick. The Write Pad features a writable surface, allowing students to write down notes or reminders, making it more likely they will hold onto and refer back to your flyer.

A great Package deal!

Design Adaptations

2,000 writing pads
20pp inside 80gsm + 1 cover printing 128gsm, 4Cx4C

Distributions to 10 schools x 2 hrs

Inclusive of logistics

Fan Gift Handout

With its compact design and customizable branding, the Gift Handout Fan is perfect for handing out at street, trade shows, or any occasion where you want to make a lasting impression. Whether they’re commuting on a hot day or enjoying an outdoor event, your recipients will appreciate the cool breeze and practicality of this handy fan. Your fan will be in use for years to come, giving your brand repeated exposure and keeping your brand fresh in their minds.

The best package to find out

Design Adaptations

5,000 Hand Fan printing,4Cx4C , Matt / Gloss Laminations

Distributions to market / busy food centres
2 distributors x 3 hrs x 4 days

4D pillar stand

The height and size of a 4D pillar stand™ make it more visible, and can be placed in various locations, both indoors and outdoors, to reach a broader audience.

Best Package

Design Adaptations

4D pillar stand x 1 set x 2 days
(Rental + printing + Setting up + Logistics for 2 days)

Printing 3,000 pcs A5 flyers

Street distributors
2 pax x 2 days x 3 hours

Packing services (TPG)

We Provide Reliable and Efficient Manpower For your Corporate Packing Needs.

Whether you need help Insertions of simcards / insertions of letters in envelopes / repacking goodie bags , we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive packing services include packing sorting, defects checking, disposing, moving, tallying, and distributing. We understand that attention to detail is crucial when it comes to corporate packing, which is why our team is dedicated to ensuring your items are packed and handled with the utmost care and precision.

A great package to find out

(Exclude transport & space rental)